Importance of Art Education
All over the world, the Education that provides financial benefits which are available in abundance. But for the untrained man, the internal happiness and mental satisfaction are quite a rare phenomenon. Distant Visual Art Education is intended to fulfill this aspect to an individual. It also imparts aesthetic sense inculcating the joy of life with healthy atmosphere and enables the person to cultivate the habit of art appreciation. Which in turn glorifies our vast and rich culture and tradition of India and in turn depicts India's top most position at the global level in the field of Art and Culture.

Apart from preserving culture heritage, Distant Visual Art Education is aimed at provided education to all classes of society who are dedicated to art field. Lalithakala Maha Samsthana tries to extend in achieving this and more than that it is essential for nurturing art activity. Intends to reach even the backward and remote village mass of people who are interested in learning but are deprived due to unfavourable Socio-Economic conditions of their family who are unaware of such facilities.

Benefits of Art Education
The interested person who is acquiring this education shall have self-confidence as well as his art Education shall find him a suitable place in society. The person shall be entitled for appointment in Govt. Semi-Govt. as in the case of other Visual Arts Degree holders. Those who excel in the field shall be eligible for awards, Honorarium, Monthly Pension, and Academy membership, Fellowship. Degree holders of this University can enjoy all these benefits. Our intention of imparting and inculcating art education is fulfilled, if you are benefited with the above Honours and credits.

The Degree holders of this University are considered on par with the Degree holders of regular students. There by the parity of equivalence of degree is assured. Which means the respect and placement of this degree holders are treated as equivalent with those of regular Visual Art Degree holders of other Universities.