Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS)

The Bachelor of Professional Studies is a degree-completion program available in many disciplines, including accounting, culinary arts, business administration and computer information systems. A degree-completion program is one that allows adults to transfer their completed college credits to obtain their bachelor's degree.

Individuals with an associate's degree wishing to apply their college credits toward the completion of a bachelor's degree in a specific field can do so in this program. These degree programs offer flexible schedules with a diverse curriculum centered on technical and practical training.

According to, the most popular U.S. cities for graduates with a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree include New York, Memphis and Washington, DC. The website also reports that common jobs for graduates include those in areas of food preparation, business administration and technology.

The above calls for a Professional approach which can be brought about by professionally run Institutions; keeping in view the need based professional approach for Commerce & management courses. DMSS has come out with a 3 years degree specialized course “Bachelor in Professional studies”. This professional course will pave the way for higher studies as well as professionally skilled jobs. The major thrust areas are Marketing, Accounting & Taxation and computer graphics, Digital Animation, web designing and Animation.