Bachelor of Honors Applied Arts (B.H.A.A.)

The Art education with the cultural aspects related to inner feelings of man, which is not so easy to realize. Art education creates beauty of consciousness among Art courses. This improves the culture of man and leads to develop the healthy society and helps to purify the mind and soul and helps to uphold the glory of Indian art and culture.

Description: Image result for 3d animationA degree in design and applied art can prepare individuals for a career as a designer, graphic designer or multimedia artist and animator. An associate's or bachelor's degree may be sufficient formal education, but those preparing to enter this field will need to develop a portfolio to showcase their skills to potential employers. These professionals could design clothing, furniture or advertisements or illustrate animated movies.
Description: Image result for graphic design
Design and applied art programs prepare people to design applications for art and convert ideas into visual images. In this field, students learn about drawing, layout and manipulating images for commercial and non-profit purposes.

Career Options
People interested in design and applied arts combine artistic vision with commercial need. Art designers produce images to sell, educate, entertain and use their vision to create works of art found in publications and on signs, billboards, company logos, company letterhead and websites. Those who have completed a degree program in design and applied arts may have several career options available for them.
In design and applied art programs, students learn the theories of color and design as well as techniques of drawing, animation and photo editing. Many design and applied art students take courses in marketing, business management and computer science.

DMSS has the credit of starting the 4 years Bachelor course in Bachelor of Honors Applied Arts (BHAA) from 2017-18. There is a great need and demand for learning Applied Arts by large number of Art lovers. It has come out with a revolutionary idea of creating a new platform for Art lovers to study and visualize not only the ancient Art but also the modern art under the changing circumstances.