Bachelor of Temple Administration (BTA)

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Ever since time immemorial temples Mutts etc., have occupied a central place in Hindu society and have played a significant role in bringing the community together. They have also been important Centers of learning commerce, music, dance, & so on. The modern day temples, mutts etc, around the world have started to fulfill a similar promise and have increasingly become important in keeping the community together in an alley land and culture. Along with the increased importance, the problem of increased accountability to devotees, donors & various other stake holders has risen. This has been compounded by the fact that the temples are mainly run by volunteers who cannot afford to spend too much time on the various mundane activities within the temple mutts etc. so that they can maintain a suitable work family balance.

The above calls for a person who can be a professional by acquiring a special knowledge of temple administration and can devote much his time in managing temples, mutts & so on.

Description: Image result for temple managementThe DMSS has taken initiative in introducing a specialized course on temple administration, & introduced a 3 years Bachelor degree in temple administration. The major thrust areas of study are 1) History& Architecture of temples 2) Economics and management and 3) Religion & Philosophy.

The above course is designed in a holistic way and a unique course which combines the advantages of Vedas and modern temple management.