At the outset, question may arise that, how can a subject, based on practical aspect, impart the art education? But when an observation is made in respect of the creativity and depth of an artwork, such a question becomes meaningless in today's context. Fine arts differ from other branches of knowledge, like Mathematics, Science, Languages etc, whose roots are found in intellectual capacity. But Fine Art delt with feelings, emotional attitude with his introspection which are mainly related to mind and soul. This concept is vastly advocated by Aestheticians and Philosophers and they may agree or not agree with this issue. The critical evaluation and appreciation of art depends upon the keen understanding of the practical experience about art.

Aestheticians, Art Critics, Philosophers and Psychologists are of the opinion that, artists are not made, but they are born. An artist communicates his feelings and emotions through creative ability in his artwork. An artist gets inspiration, moods and develops styles and techniques to create and artwork with his own feelings through introspection, observation and emotions.

This innate tendency cannot be learnt in any art schools or under any Guru or Teacher. For this reason elders used to say that art is the gift of God. At schools impart training facilitating for nurturing this inborn quality through teaching skills, Media and how best the media can be put to use, also helping interpretation of the subject. This is made possible with the advancement of Modern Technology, like Internet, Website and other online Electronic techniques in Distance Art Education.

One wellknown Karnataka Artist by name M.T.V. Acharya in the past 50 years back had taught several students through postal correspondence and those students have made very good name and fame in the field of art with the great task. But today because of the scientific advancement, like Internet, Video & computer C.D's have emerged which has made the process of distance education, more meaning full especially in Visual Art Education.